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Can you believe that 2018 is just about out the door
already? I say, Good-Bye! Welcome 2019 and let's hope
things are 200% better for all of us!

Have you thought about your New Year Resolutions yet for
2019? This is the time of year that most people swear they
are going to loose weight and go out and buy up every
head of lettuce, red tomato, celery, onions, crutons and
gallons of salad dressing  available and plan their new diet
to commence on January first. Others rush out, buy work
out clothes and wait on line to join health clubs.

By January 7, the lettuce has turned brown, the tomato's
are rotten, the crutons are eaten, the workout clothes don't
fit and the health clubs are empty! We revise our resolutions
with the best of intentions....Like, how can we be expected
to do these things in January with all of the parties and
stuff? We'll start in February....LOL!

I have found that it is easier, for me, to make resolutions not
what I am going to stop doing but what I will do. For
example; One resolution is to follow the diabetic diet more
closely, not stop cheating! For me, following the diet more
closely is more honest than saying I will stop cheating. And,
being able to stick to my resolution will give me more
confidence. Think about it if you are a smoker who is trying
to quit. Which resolution are you more likely to stick with,
I'm going to quit smoking or I'm going to cut back smoking
till I quit? If you could quit just like that, you would have
already. Don't set yourself up to fail!

What's your resolutions for 2019? Are you:

Going to try to save an extra $10.00 per week?
Going to read more books?
Going to start that new hobby this year?
Going to try to keep more of your doctor appointments
Going to try to take your medications at the same times
every day?
Going to listen to An Apple A Day Podcast more often?...

Remember, Resolutions don't have to be drastic and
gigantic. It can be anything that you feel.

I do want to thank you, my friend, for making this a good
year not only for this website, FAMOUSAPPLE.,COM, but
also for the great reception you have given to our podcast

From our families here at Famous Apple and An Apple A
Day to you and your families, We sincerely wish you  
Blessed and Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, and a Safe,
Healthy and Prosperous NEW YEAR!!!