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The Importance of Medication Records
By Jimmy Apple


As we all know, on every trip to a doctors office, one of the first questions you are asked is -- What medications are you taking
and what are the doses. How many times have you forgot the name of the medicine and/or the dose? How about when do you
take them; Morning, Noon, or Night? How about what doctor prescribed them? How much do you take in the morning? At night?
Once a day? Twice a day?

The doctors need this information in order to diagnose and treat you properly. Forgetting a medication, or the dosage, as well as
when you started taking it, or if it was discontinued, when all play into your proper treatment plan from the doctor. You should
also be able to provide your doctor with a complete surgery and procedure list.

As a person with a disability, this list is not only good to have at a doctor's appointment but also for a dentist visit. The dentist,
like your medical doctor needs to be aware of the medications you are taking as well. As I've said on the podcast quite a few
times, the doctor and the therapists can assist you in your treatment and recovery, but the ultimate responsibility for it rests on
you. The doctors and the therapists diagnose your problems and prescribe medications and exercises for you to do. It is up to
you to take the medications and do the exercises. It is also your responsibility to make sure the doctors and the therapists are
getting the most up to date list of medications along with any additions or eliminations of medicines.

I would suggest that you down load a copy of the
Universal Medication Form and keep it updated after each  Doctor, Dentist, and
Therapist appointment. As well as taking this form with you to every appointment, you should also keep a current list, fold it up
and keep it in your wallet. I personally keep one in my wallet, my wife has one in her bag and I keep one in my glove compartment
in the car. This form will also be extremely useful in the event of an accident and/or loss of consciousness. Look at it like this, it
can't hurt you, mit can only help!

You are probably thinking, 'Ok Jimmy, what do these forms look like', right? Well, I'm going to show you how to get this form  
Simply click on the link......UNIVERSAL MEDICATION FORM

Remember...Things Can Always Be Worse!   Stay Strong Friend!
Are You A Diabetic? Put On Your Shoes!
By Jimmy Apple

Hey...are you a diabetic?

As a diabetic, it is extremely important that you protect your feet. If you go swimming, whether in a pool or at the beach, you should
get in the habit of wearing swim shoes. It should go without saying, you should never walk anywhere, inside or out,
barefoot. The smallest cut can sometimes be impossible to heal.

I am sure that your endocrinologist as well as your podiatrist have already told you...DON'T CUT YOUR OWN TOE NAILS.
As a diabetic, it is so important that you have a professional maintain your toe nails...and I'm not talking about the lady at the
Nail Solon!! ( LOL). It is extremely important that a doctor cuts your toe nails to avoid wounds and infection. The slightest
infection on your feet not only can be nearly impossible to heal, but can possibly lead to an amputation of the toe, foot, or
even the leg.

Wearing the correct shoes is of the utmost importance. The damage an ill fitting shoe can do to a diabetics foot can be
unrepairable. For this reason a lot of insurance companies, including Medicare, pay for custom shoes for a diabetic. One
pair of new shoes is paid for  and are permitted once a year. The shoes do require a prescription.

These shoes are custom fitted to your feet. There is also a custom insole. For these shoes, they don't  just measure your
foot, they take a mould of both feet and this insures a custom fit. The shoes have come a long way with style. Now you can
get sneakers, dress shoes, boots and so on in men's and ladies styles.  Don't hesitate to get these shoes. Once you do get
them, you'll wonder why you didn't you didn't get them sooner! The make a world of difference for your feet.
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