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Don't Be A Fake! The Boy Who Cried 'Wolf' and that...Plus People Will Know You're
Full Of Sh#t!

By Jimmy Apple    (May 2017)

Why would anybody lie to a doctor about their condition? For the life of me, I don't know; unless they are drug seeking, but that's for
another article. For the sake of this one, let's assume it's not drug seeking. Remember when you were a kid and you got sick, you were
afraid to get better because that meant you had to go back to school. Sometimes you'd pretend to be sick to get out of a test, or to
simply get some more attention from you mom and dad. The thing was, they always knew when you were faking it. Your parents
might even play into it for a day, unless they were like mine who would call you on your lies and tell you to get the hell out of bed. Yes, I
'LIES' - Whenever you fake something, it is nothing more than a 'LIE'. When a kid fakes it, it might be cute or you might figure they
are going through a phase. When an adult does it, it's
'PATHETIC'! And it speaks volumes about that person, especially the fact that
this person is Full of Sh#T! And if he is lying about something as trivial as being sick, what else is he lying to you about?

Back in the 1990's, I met this guy in a coffee shop in the Bronx, NY. I used to stop there after physical therapy in the morning. He always seemed
to be there in the mornings. At first I thought he owned the place. He was like a flea, all over the place, sometimes straightening
up displays and knew all of the workers on a first name basis. He also seemed to know all of the customers by name. He didn't
own the place, he was just a regular, rain or shine,  always there to hold court. He saw me on crutches and figured that, like most of the
mid morning customers that I was coming from therapy. He came over, after making some small talk and asked how I got hurt. With out
going into too much detail, I told him. I then asked what happened to him. He laughed and told me "Nothing, I made some really  good
investments and retired early".  I remember thinking that they must have been some damn good investments. He couldn't have been
more than 35 or 36 years old.

To make a long story short, for the next month, he told me all about his investment windfalls and even offered to tutor me on how to
make strong investments and make money over night. Then one day, sitting in the shop, drinking coffee and reading the paper, the
(as I called him) came through the door with crutches and  a neck brace. I asked what happened but he avoided the question
and left. One of the other regulars came over laughing and said "The big shot has to go to Workers Comp Court today". I was
surprised and said that he told me he worked for himself making investments. The regular looked at me and laughed out loud the called
others over to the table.

It seemed the Banker had a different story for everyone in the place. He told one that he was a cop who got hurt on the job and got early
retirement - another that he was a sniper in the army and got hit on a secret mission, another that he was a victim of police brutality and
won a huge lawsuit against the city and several other fantastic tales. The truth was he worked as a janitor in Queens and fell down a
flight of steps. One fella said, 'who knows if thats true. The guy is so full of sh#t." For the next half hour they all were making fun of the
banker. I did find out his name was Justin.

Seems the doctor also saw through his dog and pony show and sent a letter showing his findings to the Insurance company. As well,
there were investigators following him around. He had told  the insurance company, and the doctors, that he couldn't walk
with out assistance, couldn't drive, couldn't lift anything, couldn't sit, couldn't climb stairs and so on. They had picture of him jogging,
playing handball in a local park, riding a motorcycle, fishing at the end of a rock jetty and living in an apartment that was a three floor
walk up.

It wasn't too long after he was prosecuted for insurance fraud. I heard he was convicted and got some jail time and had to pay some
fines as well as pay restitution for all of the money he received as well as unnecessary tests and doctors visits.

This guy was looking for attention - Good, Bad or Indifferent. Well he got it!  He can no longer show his face in the coffee shop,
his lies made him the butt of some not so kind jokes and as well, a lot of people have zero tolerance for liars. I don't know about  doctors
or the insurance companies, but I would bet dollars to donuts that his name has some sort of flag attached.

Personally, I'm glad he got caught. It is people like him who make it hard for the rest of us who actually need the benefits he was
stealing. Also, it is morons like this guy who cause insurance rates to sky rocket with their bogus claims.

To quote Judge Judy -- You don't have to have a good memory if you tell the truth!

Stay well friends.
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Wham - Bam - What a Scam!
By Jimmy Apple

Like never before, people are coming from out of the woodwork with one thing in mind, separating you and your money. And the
biggest problem is, they are not just here in our country, they are all over the world.  If you listened to episode #14 (Liar, Liar Pants
on Fire), of our podcast, An Apple A Day, I read a copy of a letter I received in my e-mail the day of taping. That piece of work claims
to be from Africa. Unfortunately, though, we really don't know where they are from and who they are supporting!

The e-mail I received had the following address:

United Bank For Africa (UBA)
Metro Plaza, Plot 991/992
                                          REMEMBER  THIS ADDRESS
Zakari Maillart Street                                                    IT IS A SCAM ADDRESS

Cadastral Zone AO, Conou Benin Republic

Have you ever seen and address like this? Now, this is even better, the e-mail address that this letter was sent from is:

Mike Philip (mikephillip969@yahoo.com) - How many bank executives do you know that use a Yahoo E-mail Address?
When I did a search for this person on google, the results came back:

Your search - mikephilip969@yahoo.com - did not match any documents.  In other words, this is also a bogus address.

This "Mike Philip" told me that his home office came across a file that says I am owed $2.7 Million from something called a
compensation fund. Now, let me just say this, If someone or something owed me $2.7 MILLION, there would be no need for a
message from some joker using a FREE E-MAIL address claiming to be from Africa. A place, by the way, I have never been to or had
any business dealings with. As well, this alleged Bank executive set up an online bank account for me so I can "start transferring
'my' fund conveniently into a nominated bank account in 'my' country."

Evidently, since he set up a bank account in my name, allegedly, then he already must have all of my pertinent information, right?
I would think so, but he goes on to ask for all of my private info. Now, I have to admit that this jag-off tries to come off as a nice guy
as he begins the second paragraph  with:
"NOTE: You are hereby advised to cut communications or whatever business you have with any individual or group of people
regarding your compensation fund to avoid being a victim the second time, follow the instructions given to you by my office so that
you can receive your fund without much stress."

First, I want to point out that "Mike Philip" wants to help me avoid becoming a "victim the second the second time". Second Time!
That is because he is attempting to make a victim the first time! What a guy!!!

These types of scams are actually easy to recognize if you take a little time just to look it over. Think to yourself, does this sound
like the type of letter a bank would send you? Oh, and did I mention that this letter came on a word doc. with no logo or header?
So, just look over a letter like this and you will see for yourself how clear of a scam the letter actually is. They hope that you will be
blinded by the large sum of money that supposedly is yours. Think about that logically, if you were missing MILLIONS of DOLLARS,
you'd know it, I hope. Be aware, though, whatever you do....


Any link you click on in that E-mail will make your computer and your personal in formation available to this low life, no good, pice
of crap scam artist. We have a hard enough time trying to survive on a fixed income, don't let these type of people (and I use the
word "people" for lack of a more descriptive one) try to take whatever little bit you still have.

Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it is! If you receive this type of e-mail...DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!!!!    

For more information on the other scams we discussed on episode #14 of 'An Apple A Day' please visit the following
website:    https://
www.usa.gov/stop-scams-frauds    (click on the link)

Stay well my friends.....Jimmy Apple
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