Confront Your Disability Head On and Discover How To Live With It
The pain that comes with becoming disabled is terrible, but we have doctors and pain medication to help us through it. The mental pain and stress that comes along
with it can be insurmountable and that is the reason for this website and podcast,
AN APPLE A DAY. Let me stress, right from the beginning, we are not doctors or
lawyers! If you have a medical problem or a legal one, pleas contact  a doctor or lawyer. We are here, though, to be like  friend who has already been through this
process called disability.

When I became disabled, between the doctors, hospitals, therapists and so on, I also had to deal with workers comp,  2 lawyers: one for
worker's compensation
and the other for my Third Party Lawsuit. I didn't know anything about this. I did know with worker's comp, my medical bills would be covered; but for how long? There
were a million questions that were bouncing around in my head making it difficult at times to concentrate on my medical care. Of course, we all have family members
and friends who try to give you advice and even tell you what you must do. And, even though you are not sure what to do next, you know some of their suggestions are
ridiculous. I knew in my heart that they meant well but the
y were making me more confused by telling me about short term disability, long term disability, social
security disability
and such, as well as what doctors I must see because they are the "best in the country". I didn't realize how many different doctors, in the same field,
could all be the "best in the country".  Like I said, they all meant well but they were driving me crazy. Another thing I couldn't figure out was how they all knew the "Best
Doctors and Lawyers in the Country" and not one of the names were the same. The strange thing, also, was that they "knew" all this but have never gone through any of
this themselves. I had always wished I knew somebody who had actually went through this whole process. That's where we come in!
My name is Jimmy Apple and I am your host here and on the podcast. Please let me make it clear, WE ARE NOT TRYING TO
We aren't like other sites and/or podcasts who try to sell you their ideas and products that will lead
you through this difficult process, they are like the family friends, only they are charging you for their guesses of what you should
do. I've read some of the sites and listened to a couple of their podcasts. They strike as people who failed out of medical and/or
law school. We are not here to tell you what you must do. Nope! We have all gone through the disability process, and some, such as
me, are still going through it. I will tell you straight up, I don't have all the answers for your situation, because every situation is different
while solutions are very similar. I have been disabled for thirty nine (39) years. I've been through workers comp hearings, the
Social Security Disability process, third party lawsuits,depositions, physical exams, psychological exams, hospitalized more times
than I can remember at the moment, surgeries and procedures, short and long term therapy and more.  I'm not going to attempt to
tell you what you must do but I do feel confident that we can make suggestions based on experience and not hear say and we are
not charging you a dime...this site, like the podcast is completely
   On this site, we also have a "MEMBERS ONLY" message board and chat room where you can share experiences and tips on living with a disability and, of course
these features are
FREE! I know what you are thinking, there's the catch, you have to pay to become a MEMBER,right? NO, THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR ANY
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I look forward to seeing you here on the site and hopefully you'll subscribe to the APPLE A DAY podcast, which of course is
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I'll talk to you soon, my friend, and I just want to leave you with this point....
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AN APPLE A DAY is not only a podcast but also a resource and a community. It's a place to share your experiences
and learn from others as we overcome barriers and learn to  live a happy and healthy life with a disability.
The home of the Podcast...
"An Apple A Day"