What Is An Apple A Day?

An Apple A Day” began as a website known as “Famous Apple”, dedicated to trying to form an interactive community between people who became disabled while
going about their daily lives. The creator of this site, Jimmy Apple, came up with the name “Famous Apple” because that was the nickname, he gave to his little
nephew, Mike, who’s first word was “Apple”! In fact, instead of calling Jimmy “Uncle Jimmy” for a while, he referred to him as “Uncle Apple” and Jimmy called him his
“Famous Apple”.

“Famous Apple” began to take almost immediately as far as visits to the site went and e-mails from people who were suddenly finding themselves hurt and/or disabled
from work and non-work-related accidents came in. They were facing things like hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, managers, company owners, lawyers,
money problems, worker’s comp, insurance, Social Security Disability and so on and so on…. As well, they were facing personal crisis, anxiety, depression, self-doubt,
guilt, and just about every other emotion you can think of. And, as everyone knows, friends and family are full of the best intentions when a loved one is hurting and their
priority, most of the time is to remove that pain`. The problem there is, most, while meaning well, have NO EXPERIENCE with the problems at hand and that lack
of experience, in some cases, can do much more harm than good. “Famous Apple” began getting questions from readers who were finding themselves in need of
help navigating through fun house of mirrors that can be the disability and rehabilitation systems. Having someone who has already been through it and can tell you what
to expect is much more settling than listening to someone who has not and only to find out they gave you the wrong advice. This is where “Famous Apple” came in. We are
the friend who has already been through the system for many years and has access to others.

In November 2017, Famous Apple launched the podcast “AN APPLE A DAY- LIVING WITH A DISABILITY “AN APPLE A DAY is not only a podcast but also
a resource and a community. It’s a place to share your experiences and learn from others as we overcome barriers and learn to live a happy and healthy life
with a disability.

Since November 2017, “AN APPLE A DAY” has been DOWNLOADED THOUSANDS (1000’S) OF TIMES AND HEARD IN Seventy-Four (74) COUNTRIES. The
podcast is published at least once weekly, on Friday and sometimes more throughout the week. There are topics on a wide range of subjects suitable for the disabled,
their care takers, families, and friends and the curious. We talk about everything from Insurance and medicine to hospitals, to vacations, to relationships, to dating, to
making money, driving, the law, holidays, and so much more! This is not one of those boring, sad and blue disability podcasts.


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