Jimmy is joined by Brianna Paauwe, of the Wheel With Me Foundation, and she discusses the upcoming (((FREE))) VIRTUAL EVENT – EMPOWERMENT WEEK!

Empowerment Week runs Oct. 31 thru Nov. 04, 2022.

Listen to this apple slice podcast for all of the details!! Oh, and…here’s a spoiler alert…about 1 to 2 minutes into my conversation with Brianna, you will hear some nws about people in wheelchairs that might just shock you!!!

Websites on this podcast:

On Instagram: search for: Wheel With Me Foundation, click on the Events Link

http://www.eventbrite.com in the search bar type “Fall Into Better Habits” . this will bring you right to the event.


http://www.famousapple.com/group  Living With A Disability

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